Registering over the Internet is quick and easy.  Follow the instructions below.

1. Use a recent version of Internet Explorer.

2.      To review all of the test sessions (There are over 50 for each exam.), use the window vertical scrollbar (on the right) to move up and down. 

3.      Read the entire line of a session.   Test sessions are held at the Blackwood, Camden, and Cherry Hill campuses; do not register for the wrong campus.

4.      Give the window a few moments to refresh before you move on to the next step.

5.      Print out the confirmation page at the end of the registration.

  • Here are the steps:

You can take the test on the day and at the time for which you registered.  If you register early, you will have more times to pick from.  to take the test, you must register

(As you go through the registration process, pages may take a few moments to load and update data.  You will notice this activity when you click on SELECT.  Be patient and wait until your selection is highlighted.  Do not click on the Complete Registration button until you see the session you selected in the white box in step 3.)      You will need your student ID. 

1.Go to .

2.        Read the instructions and click on the exam for which you want to register.

3.        Follow the 4 steps in order:  

Step 1-Enter the required information.

Step 2-Select a day and time (The page may take a few moments to refresh.).

Step 3-Carefully review your selection.

Step 4- Confirm your registration and print out the registration confirmation receipt; take this receipt to the examination.