ENG-101 Essay:  This is a ninety-minute essay.



This page contains important information on the ENG-101 essay.  Read this page before you go to the How to Register page.


     Before you register, have a good idea of a few days and times when you would like to take the exam.  There will be test sessions from Tuesday through Saturday The earlier you register, the easier it will be to get the day and time you want. 

             All English Composition 101 students must complete this requirement

  • You will final essay on the day and time for which you registered.  Bring your registration confirmation page with you. You will need a pen and a photo ID; you may also bring a dictionary and a handbook.  You may not bring an electronic device such as an electronic dictionary.  You must know your student ID number.

  • You should keep track of the time.  You will have 90 minutes to complete the essay; the computer does time you, so you will need to stop after the designated time.

  • You may use scrap paper for writing a rough draft; however, remember that the rough draft will be counted as part of the 90 minutes.

  • Turn in the scrap paper when you leave the test site.

  • After you submit your essay, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.  Print this page or ask the proctor to stamp your registration form so that you have proof that you have completed the requirement.


                   Click here for sample topics and essays.      

     (If you are having difficulty viewing the samples, you can also download the essays as a Microsoft Word file by clicking here:       Download Word file   .